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Simputer Applications

Selecting applications from the Simputer menu

Selecting applications from the Simputer's menu

The Simputer's Image Viewer shows a picture of Aishwarya Rai

The Simputer's Image Viewer application shows a picture of Aishwarya Rai. Service Engineers could use this application to look up circuit diagrams and other trouble-shooting info, when on the move. Note how it allows for panning, zooming etc.

A projecile motion lesson for children

An application custom-built by PicoPeta for school children. Hundreds of school children are using PicoPeta's Simputers to learn subjects ranging from Physics and Maths to History and Hindi


The Simputer is a powerful and full-fledged handheld computer. The architecture of the Simputer integrates various devices such as Smart Card reader, a Modem, a Touch Screen, a Multi-lingual Text-to-Speech system. Combined with low cost, the Simputer fits into a variety of computing situations, both traditional and unconventional.


The Simputer has many of the applications found in general-purpose computers.

Business Tools

  • Notepad
  • Spreadsheet
  • Scientific Calculator
  • PDF Viewer
  • Address Book


  • Image Viewer
  • MP3 Player


  • World Wide Web Browser


  • Games
  • Quizzes


Please see our showcase section to know more about the projects we have executed.


The Simputer has been designed keeping in mind applications that empower people at the grassroot level with the benefits of IT. This makes Simputer an ideal device for:

  • Smart Card enabled citizen services( Voter IDs, driving license, ration card, etc. )
  • Data collection and processing
  • Land and revenue records
  • Education, health care and information access
  • e-mail device
  • A Smart Card pass book
  • Synchronizing transactional details through modem connectivity
  • Interactive multi-lingual transaction log book
  • Human error eliminated, increasing the integrity of the calculations
  • Interactive text book
  • Massive data storage at low costs compared to books
  • Universal interface for education in any language at any level
  • Automatic adjustment of content based on progress.
  • Entertaining and engrossing medium
  • Regular download of new educational data without reliance on infrastructure or additional expense
  • Cost-effective communications kiosk device
  • High performance communication technologies for the masses
  • Data and text transmission, as well as voice
  • Potential centralization of the communications network
  • Simplifying usage through storage of preferences of each user on a Smart Card
  • Simplifying communication by removing the barriers of language and literacy
  • Universality of data transmission achieved through use of icons and text-to-speech
Market pricing and agriculture
  • A friendly companion to know the current prices of his produce
  • A trader looking for right market to sell or buy his goods
  • An interactive assistant for a farmer to implement the best farming practices
  • Both market and weather forecasting data instantaneously distributed
  • Digitization of the barter system via organization of secure transactions using smart cards
  • Interactive data collection device for a health worker
  • Simple education medium for health practices
  • Preliminary diagnosis of common ailments via an expert system
  • Health schedules, data storage, advice on livestock
  • Communication barrier broken between health service workers and rural patients
  • Telemedicine : remote health care advice
Technology in everyday life
  • Usage in restaurants to automatically report orders to the kitchen
  • Digital Assistant and diary options for personal home use
  • Portable entertainment on a versatile platform
  • Distribution network organization; Simputers carried by delivery agents
  • Inventory management made easy
  • Integration with Global Positioning Systems for directions and way-finding
  • Voice transmission over standard telephone lines in emergency situations
  • Global satellite digital broadcasts for educational and entertainment purposes

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