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Simputers for Spot Billing in Electricity Metering

Scan of Sample bill from Bellary

30,000 of these Simputer-printed bills are given out every month in Gulbarga.

Bellary Computers MD, T. Sridhar

Bellary Computers MD Mr. T. Sridhar at PicoPeta's office: "Simputers have helped us achieve accountability, efficiency, transparency and quality."

Application screenshot

Screenshot of the application: the Simputer's screen is large enough for the entire application front-end to be just one page. Of course, the simple front-end masks the rather complex logic running in the back-end.

Custom Keyboard

Screenshot of customized keyboard for spot billing: consumer numbers have only numbers and a few letters (A, E, H and P), so why have a full keyboard? A small improvement that makes life a lot easier on the field.


When M/S Bellary Computers won a contract to automate the electricity billing process in Bellary (Karnataka), they turned to the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer. Because they found in the Simputer all the attributes that would help them meet Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company's (GESCOM) brief - bring in efficiency, transparency and quality to the billing process. Bellary Computers' first step was to see how their pre-existing PC-based billing software written in C) could be ported to the Simputer. The rest, as they say, is history!


To their sheer delight, PicoPeta's technical team helped Bellary Computers port their PC-based C program to the Simputer in a matter of a few hours. PicoPeta's engineers even put together a specially-customized keyboard consisting of only the letters and numbers that a meter reader needs to use. A few more hours spent optimizing the code to ensure optimum running speeds on the Simputer, and an electricity spot billing solution was ready to go.


Armed with a small handheld package consisting of a Simputer and an impact printer, tens of meter readers have been on the field in Bellary since April 2003. And the results have been astounding:

  • Meter readers leave every morning, with their Simputers reflecting the very latest payment status for 50,000+ customers - as opposed to the old manual system which would not account for bill payment in the last 2-3 days
  • On an average, one meter reader can now accurately bill 270 homes in one day, as opposed to the 150 under the manual system - a tribute to the superior usability and power of the Simputer
  • Consequently, the billing cycle has come down from 30 days to 15, which has enabled them to collect money faster
  • The ultimate proof of the system's success is in the increased demand and revenue - collections have gone up by 30-40% per month on an average, due to the increased efficiency, accuracy, transparency and the tamper-proof nature of the system
  • Billing info from the Simputers is fed into a server the same day, and the electricity board has instant access to MIS
  • Vitally, the Simputer is a platform on which more functionality can be built - for downloading data automatically from a meter, for bill payment and collection


Mr. T. Sridhar, MD, Bellary Computers has this to say about the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer:

"The Simputer is a platform, not a mere device. Its ease-of-use, power, memory and relatively large screen give us the edge. And I am convinced that it will go from strength-to-strength, given PicoPeta's outstanding engineers.
With the success of our Spot Billing program in Gulbarga, we look forward to taking the Simputer into other areas - like bill payment with a credit-card interface.
I would highly recommend the Simputer to electricity boards nationwide."


We could work together in developing a customized spot-billing solution if you are any of the following:

  • Electricity Board of any state in India
  • Electricity Meter Manufaturer
  • Service Providers / Equipment Suppliers / Contractors to Electricity Boards
  • Software Developers for Electrcity Boards

Please get in touch with us at the details provided here. You could read more about Simputer usage in spot billing in our Products and Services section.

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