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Showcase of Simputer-based projects

Screenshot from e-Gram Suraj application

Screenshot from e-Gram Suraj application [More]


Screen shot form WHO/NTI Mobile TB data collection application.

Project Bhoomi-Suggi

During PicoPeta's Bhoomi-Suggi project: Village accountants being trained on a land records procurement application [More]

A Hindi Lesson

From PicoPeta's Chhattisgarh school education project: An interactive application for children to learn Hindi. Note how the arrows make navigation intuitive

The Simputer is a powerful and full-featured handheld computer. PicoPeta has executed several projects based on this platform. Here is a selection:

1. E-GRAM SURAJ: Mobile village MIS

CHiPS (Registered Society promoted by the Government of Chattisgarh), the nodal agency for the implementation of IT in the state chose Amida Simputer for its project "E-Gram Suraj". The project has been implemented in Dongargaon and Kurd Villages and more than 800 units of Amida Simputer have been deployed. Amida based mobile MIS for villages not only offers an intuitive Hindi user to access real time information on demography, land & water resources, BPL Details etc but also enables the user (Patwari/Sarpanch) to update the information time to time and transfer the data to the central server to generate village wise reports.

[Read more about the E-GRAM SURAJ]

2. HEALTH DATA COLLECTION: WHO/NTI Mobile TB data collection system

NATIONAL TUBERCULOSIS INSTITUTE (Directorate General of Health Services) chose BEL-PicoPeta Simputer for its Health InterNetwork (HIN) Project led by the WHO with the initiative to bring together the Governmental setup, private sector, non-governmental organizations and resource institutions to ensure equitable access to health information. The project aims at establishing a network among health service providers, researchers and policy makers to ensure that they get equitable, reliable and rapid access to health information, using Internet technologies.

This project involved design, development and implementation of Simputer based mobile application as part of the HIN Mobile Data Management System for World Health Organization. Simputer now helps in better supervision and data collection, for the Senior Treatment Supervisor (STS) and Senior Tuberculosis Laboratory Supervisor (STLS) under the RNTCP program.

[Read more about the WHO/NTI Moblie TB data collection system]

3. SPOT BILLING: Simputers being used in Gulbarga, Karnataka for electricity spot billing

When Bellary Computers won a contract to automate the electricity billing process in Bellary (Karnataka), they turned to the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer. Because they found in the Simputer all the attributes that would help them meet Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company's (GESCOM) brief - bring in efficiency, transparency and quality to the billing process. The most impressive improvement in the system is a revenue increase of 30-40%.

[Read more about the Spot Billing Project]

4. E-GOVERNANCE: Simputers used by village accountants as part of land records procurement project

When the Karnataka Government wanted a device that was simple enough to be even used by the technology-illiterate, it chose the PicoPeta Simputer. Project Bhoomi-Suggi draws on several of the Simputer's unique features: Simplicity, Indian Language Interfaces, Visual Computing, SmartCards etc.

Village accountants all over Karnataka are currently using Simputers to collect land records data in their villages, and upload it to the Government's servers. It is a process that is expected to cut data collection time by as much as 80-90%!

[Read more about the Bhoomi-Suggi E-Governance Project]

5. SCHOOL EDUCATION: Project for rural children in Chattisgarh, India

With its special features (mobility, small size, text-to-speech, shareability), the Simputer is particularly well suited to use in schools. The aim of our project was to help under-previleged school children in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh learn course-related subjects (eg. Physics, Maths, Social Studies) better.

PicoPeta's contribution went beyond supplying hardware and software. We conceptualised a new model for education, wherein the teacher is empowered to create Simputer-lessons for use inside and outside the class.

Initial tests have proven that children's understanding of their subjects have improved, and that they are excited to be learning their lessons using technology. Above all, the project proves that Simputers are simple enough to be used even by people with no previous exposure to computing.

[Read more about the Chhattisgarh Education Project]


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