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PicoPeta Pressroom

'Amida' to be PicoPeta's global brand

Jul 30, 2003:PicoPeta unveiled its global brand strategy for its Simputer market today by announcing that it will sell Simputers under the global brand name 'Amida'.


BEL - PicoPeta Simputers Alliance

Oct 29, 2002: Bharat Electronics and PicoPeta Simputers and delighted to announce an alliance to manufacture and market a new range of Simputers. These devices will be marketed as BEL-PicoPeta Simputers and will cover a spectrum of applications and price points.



Press Contact

Prof Swami Manohar (CEO, PicoPeta) is available at:

Ph: (91-80) 23618184 - 86
Fax: (91-80) 23617568

Email:[email protected]

About PicoPeta

Named by MIT's Technology Review magazine as one of the 7 hottest academic start-ups of 2001, PicoPeta is a company founded by the co-inventors of the Simputer. They share a common vision to make computing affordable and accessible to the people of developing countries who face barriers of price, language, and literacy.

PicoPeta's vision of a connected world is built around the Simputer as the building block. The Simputer provides affordable computing power (up to 10 times the processing power of a regular handheld computer) to build large mobile IT solutions at a fraction of the cost normally associated with such projects.

Apart from supplying the hardware for the Simputer, PicoPeta provides developer tools and all technical information needed to develop Simputer applications. PicoPeta also has the resources and expertise to build software solutions on the Simputer platform, and provides project management, consulting, and system integration services to help industry in this goal. PicoPeta has already implemented several Simputer solutions, including an education project in rural schools.

Picopeta's focus in building the Simputer and Simputer-based applications has been to keep everything simple and extremely user-friendly so even illiterate people can use it. The Picopeta team includes experts on human-computer interaction (HCI), who have years of experience in making easy-to-use applications and devices. The Simputer's innovations include a touch screen interface that does away with input devices like a mouse or keyboard, and the development of a standardised interface language called IML (Information Markup Language). Thanks to these and an icon-driven interface, a high level of computer literacy is not essential for using the Simputer. All it takes is the ability to point and touch an icon on screen with a stylus.

PicoPeta is currently focussing on the following business domains for the initial deployment of Simputer solutions:

  • Education
  • Banking
  • E-governance
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture & Rural co-operatives

The latest from PicoPeta are two developments that are sure to excite developers, business and users worldwide:

Learn more about PicoPeta

Simputer displays a basket ball game
Two little girls learn their lessons on the Simputer
PicoPeta Vision Top Management

Press Contact

Prof Swami Manohar (CEO, PicoPeta) is available at:
Ph: (91-80) 23618184 - 86
Fax: (91-80) 23617568

Email:[email protected]

If you are using email, please take care to mention the organization you represent, along with any deadline you may be under.

PicoPeta in the News

PicoPeta in an online exhibition of Indian IT

[Visit Online Exhibition (On till Sept 2003)]

Simputers used in spot billing

Aug 1, 2003: Simputers bring efficiency and transparency to the electricity billing process in Gulbarga, Karnataka. Electicity boards and meter manufacturers can now partner with us to deploy similar solutions in other parts of the country.

[Case Study | Partner with us]

PicoPeta in an online exhibition of Indian IT

Jul 2003: [Visit Online Exhibition (On till Sept 2003)]

Global Strategy Unveiled for Simputers

Jul 30, 2003: "PicoPeta announces Amida brand name."

[The Hindu]

PicoPeta Simputer announces Global Brand Strategy

Jul 30, 2003: "PicoPeta to sell Simputers under the 'Amida' name."

[Economic Times]

Award for BEL-PicoPeta Simputers

May 12, 2003: PicoPeta Simputers wins Best Product Display Award at PC Expo, Bangalore. Our public unveiling of the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer is a massive success!

[ Award Details ]


Nov 19, 2002: Simputer Development Kits for Software Developers, Engineering Colleges, Corporates and Individual buyers.

[Purchase | Products & Services]

Simputer: Computing for All

Oct 24, 2002: "Special mention at the Asian Innovation Awards."

[Far Eastern Economic Review article]

TIME: Simputer - Green Technology

Aug 18, 2002: TIME magazine features the Simputer as one of the "10 technologies for you and the planet". The article is part of a cover story, "The Green Century".

[TIME article | An older TIME article]

BBC: Computer deal for India's poor

Sep 10, 2001: "PicoPeta has developed the interface software for receiving WorldSpace broadcasts on the Simputer. WorldSpace data broadcasting is considered a cost-effective way of making digital content available to a large percentage of the world's population."

[BBC article]

The Guardian: Handheld PC bridges digital divide

Jul 9, 2001: "The Simputer, short for simple computer, promises to have as profound an impact on communications in the developing world as the clockwork radio of the British inventor Trevor Bayliss."

[The Guardian article]

Dewang Mehta Award for Simputer team

Aug 11, 2002: Simputer co-inventors and PicoPeta co-founders presented the Govt. of India's first Dewang Mehta award for innovation in IT.

[News Release]


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