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BEL - PicoPeta Simputers Alliance

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Press Release: Bangalore, 29th October, 2002.

Bharat Electronics Limited and PicoPeta Simputers Private Limited are delighted to announce an alliance to manufacture and market a new range of Simputers. These devices will be marketed as BEL-PicoPeta Simputers and will cover a spectrum of applications and price points.

BEL, in the state-of-the-art facility in its Bangalore Complex, has manufactured more than 400 Simputers for PicoPeta in a pilot production phase. The BEL-PicoPeta Simputers are a radical improvement over the earlier Simputer prototypes along several fronts. The production of the first batch of 1,000 BEL-PicoPeta Simputers will be completed in November 2002.

The current price of the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer will be Rs. 13,000, with duties and taxes as applicable. BEL and PicoPeta are determined to reduce the price closer to Rs. 10,000 in the next six months.

The BEL-PicoPeta Simputers are powered by Linux and Malacca. Malacca, a revolutionary new interface for the Simputer developed by PicoPeta, makes the combination a powerful, customer-friendly and full-featured machine.

The high-end BEL-PicoPeta Simputer incorporating key hand-picked innovations along with the ability to support a variety of wired and wireless options will be available by February 2003.

Dr. V.K. Koshy, CMD, BEL says, "It is a very important step to utilize the opportunities in huge IT hardware, domestic as well as global markets, with BEL-PicoPeta Simputers, a 100% Indian innovation designed and manufactured to world class standards. We highly value this association with PicoPeta in bringing out various versions of BEL-PicoPeta Simputers to meet varied needs of domestic as well as international markets".

Says Dr. Swami Manohar, CEO of PicoPeta, "We are delighted to partner BEL in propelling the Simputer platform forward. The goal of the Simputer project was to design, develop and manufacture in India, world class devices to meet India's and the developing world's unique requirements. This vision is fulfilled in the BEL-PicoPeta Simputer".

About Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a Rs. 2000 crore company that designs, develops and manufactures state-of- the-art products in the field of Radars, Defence Communications, Telecommunications, Sound and Vision Broadcasting, Opto-electronics, Solar systems, IT products and Electronic components.

More at the BEL website, www.bel-india.com

About PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.

PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd. provides hardware, design and software solutions based on the powerful, yet affordable Simputer platform. The Simputer is a powerful full-featured handheld computer. Simputer is a registered trademark of the Simputer Trust.

More at the PicoPeta website, www.picopeta.com

Press Contact

Prof Swami Manohar (CEO, PicoPeta) is available at:
Ph: (91-80) 3618184 - 86
Fax: (91-80) 3617568

Email:[email protected]

If you are using email, please take care to mention the organization you represent, along with any deadline you may be under.

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