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Webstar Software

Webstar Software

Head Office:
#62A, 13th Cross, West Park Road
Phone: ++91 80 2346 0460
Fax: ++91 80 2331 2650

Company Profile:
WEBSTAR is promoted and managed by a group of Professionals with more than 25 years of experience in embedded design, software development and customized solutions. WEBSTAR focuses on design, development and manufacturing of Products for embedded applications and customized software development for real time applications. The embedded technology includes GSM /GPRS based Mobile communications, GPS based solutions and battery operated portable products. The company also undertakes software development for on line precision Measurement, (SPC) Statistical process Control and specialized engineering applications for Automotive industries. WEBSTAR also has expertise in Simputer based software development for Field data collection in multilingual format; wireless data transfer to the server and the front-end software to synchronize with the database. The unique combinations of the expertise help the company to provide A-Z solutions with single point accountability.

Technology Domains:


  • Micro controller Based Design for Industrial, Automotive, Communication and Defense Applications
  • M2M applications using GSM/GPRS/CDMA based Mobile technology
  • GPS Based Customized Applications
  • Battery Operated Portable Products for Data Collection, POS Terminals
  • On line Precision Measurement and processing
  • Any Custom Built requirement in security, Access Control or above
Industrial Application
  • Real Time Measurement, Processing and Classifications
  • Multigauging for Quality and Inspection
  • Statistical Process Control
Commercial Applications
  • Data Collection and Mobile Computing
  • PC based front end and back end applications

Mobile Computing Application Domains:
Simputer( AMIDA) Based Application development for:

  • Field Data Collection Example: Pigmy Collectors, GPS survey, Energy Meters and Spot Billing activities
  • Security and Access Control
  • GPS
  • Protocols: TCPIP or any customized
  • Attachments like: GPS receiver, Printer or Any Customer specific
  • Industrial Products which needs HMI with Graphics

Principal Contact:
Ravi Sankar Jayaraman
Mobile: 91 98459 41899

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