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Unisoft System Consultancy

Unisoft System Consultancy

Head Office:
Unisoft System Consultancy,
T5, Manchester Square,
P.N. Palayam,
Coimbatore, TamilNadu,
India - 641 037.
Tel: +91-422-5351825 To 828
Web: www.myunisoft.com
Email: [email protected]

Branch Office:
Unisoft System Consultancy,
No:30, Maharani Apartments,
S-1, Second Floor,
Burkit Road, T.Nagar,
Chennai, Tamilnadu,
India - 600 017
Tel: +91-44-24348779

Company Profile:
Mission Statement: To empower our customers to attack the future through quality IT Solutions

Unisoft was started in 1989 to provide information technology solution to business enterprises. Unisoft's business activities comprise of turnkey solutions, project consultancy and product development.

Unisoft is headquartered at Coimbatore in Southern India. The core of the company's infrastructure is its Software Development Centre situated in Coimbatore. The company has its service and sales offices in most of the important cities.

While the company's main focus has been on developing reliable, flexible and comprehensive business solutions, it has also demonstrated its strength in product development.

Catering to the packaged software market, Unisoft has released multiple version of its flagship product GOODBOOKS-Professional and GoodBooks-ERP.

Goodbooks is a new age ERP information system. Extended Enterprise Resource Planning (EERP) is an advanced software and management methodology, which aims at making optimal use of all the resources an organization has. The entire organization is treated as single pool of resources, which are focused towards a business goal. Successful implementation of EERP packages like Goodbooks is an organization results in multi-fold benefits.

Goodbooks uses a dynamic architectural model, growing along with the company and the availability of technologies. The information delivery is organized into various modules. Goodbooks is a highly reliable, robust and integrated series of business applications that delivers a flexible, scalable and full-featured solutio

Goodbooks as a true multi and cross industry Enterprise solution provides applications developed on the same framework. The core infrastructure services used throughout the system, ensures smooth and seamless integration across modules, industry templates etc.

Technology Domains:

  • .Net
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Active Server Page
  • Delphi
  • Sql Server
  • Oracle
  • Linux (Mandrake)
  • TCL/TK

Industry Verticals:

  • Retail & Point-of-Sales
  • Trade & Distribution
  • Exporters/Importers
  • Servicing
  • Logistics
  • Contracting
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Textiles

Principal Contact:
Name: Venkatesan V.
Tel: +91-422-5351825 to 828
Email: [email protected]

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