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The PicoPeta Team

Prof. Swami Manohar


Swami Manohar (Ph.D, Brown, '88) co-invented the Simputer and is an expert in Graphics and Visualization. He has spent much of the last three years managing the Simputer project, interfacing with the media and also by technically contributing to the core Simputer technology by helping define the Information Markup Language (IML) along with Prof. Vinay. He is of the firm belief that Simputer based solutions is the way for the future and believes PicoPeta has a very important role in the fructification of this vision.


Prof. V. Vinay
Chairman, CTO


Vinay (Ph.D, IISc, '91) co-invented the Simputer and is an expert in the area of Computational Complexity theory. Vinay has helped shape several key Simputer technologies. Apart from designing IML with Prof. Manohar, he also implemented a prototype browser, IMLI. He also invented a novel method of text entry in to the keyboard-less Simputer, called Tapatap. An avid Linux user, Vinay was also largely responsible for much of the initial porting efforts to make Linux run on the Simputer.


Mr. Vivek K S


Vivek (ME, IISc, '99) joined the Simputer Project in November 2000. A Linux user since '94, he has contributed significantly to the architecture and frameworks of the OS and the applications on the Simputer. He leads the technical software team. which is resposnsible for the Simputer OS, application frameworks, and various applications.



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